Microsoft Stream fully released and rolling out to Tenants!!! Replacing Video with a more feature filled experience:


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OneNote Updates

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    M1BTN Podcast Episode 1

    WELCOME TO OUR FIRST UPDATES PODCAST FOR OFFICE 365 and Google Education!!! This Episode is our TOP 5 Updates For 365 for October in EDU LISTEN RIGHT HERE!!! Link to the Sway website to go along with the Podcast for the Top 5 in 365 Next Episode: An Intro to Teams in Office 365 AND […]

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    Begin utilizing OneNote in EDU today

    OneNote Training Notebook featuring Step-by-Step help for starting OneNote AND Advanced features for students and teachers to utilize OneNote today!!! By Barry DeSain, via Monroe 1 BOCES Technology Network Link to the OneNote: OneNote Training Notebook This is an example Notebook for everyone, former 10 year Science teacher, turned Instructional Technology Specialist, supporting 10 districts- […]

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    OneNote, How we love thee!

    OneNote,how we love thee!!! Hi Everybody! EDU powerhouse: OneNote, how I love thee. The most important EDU tech that I use at present. First announced in November of 2002. Thank goodness some wonderful people used it over the past 15 years!!! The development of OneNote is one of the biggest and best evolutions of a […]

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    OneNote Edu Updates Aug.9,2017

    OneNote, Class Notebook and Learning Tools Updates 8/9/2017 1. New Embedding supported in OneNote Online and Desktop 2016 version: Flipgrid live inside of OneNote! Student do not need to leave their OneNote Notebook or page to interact with and learn from Flipgrid. 2. Class Notebook now connects with INFINITE CAMPUS!!! IT admins link to get […]

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